Lödige's Fluid bed dryer LCF for continuous operation

LCF – continuous drying with a defined retention time distribution

Lödige has years of expertise in continuous granulation. Nowadays, continuous ringlayer mixers are established systems for continuous granulation in many industries.

However, until now the Lödige product range was missing a suitable dryer. The continuous fluid bed dryer closes this gap. Together with the ringlayer mixer CoriMix® and the customer-specific dosing system, this dryer provides a complete continuous granulation line: GRANUCON®.

Dryer operation is based on the fluid bed process. A general disadvantage of continuous fluid beds is the wide retention time distribution within the machine. Lödige’s developers have looked into this problem and have found a solution: integrating a screw in the fluid bed dryer. This has a limiting effect on the retention time distribution.

Other features included

  • Exchangeable floor
  • Quick screw removal
  • Integrated WIP cleaning
  • Individual purging of filter elements
  • Variable air volumes in three chambers


Fluid bed dryer LCF for continuous operation

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