The Lödige laboratory coater system – highly efficient processes at attractive costs

  • Innovative design, great functionality
  • Variable filling level between 0.6 and 6.0 l
  • High process speed due to high spray rates and high drying capacity
  • Even distribution of the suspension
  • Process conditions comparable to Lödige production coaters
  • User-friendly: Easy handling, intuitive operation

Machine type

The Lödige laboratory tablet coater has a modular design, so that integration of any components is customised according to the customer’s specific requirements.

The coater is designed for great functionality, user-friendliness and quick, efficient processes. All easily dismantled components have a low weight.

A dividable drum and a dividable nozzle arm allow processing of even very small volumes (0.6 l).

The coater and the optionally available liquid supply station consist of Corian®, a highly resistant, light-weight, FDA-approved material, which is crucial for the particularly functional and modern design of the laboratory coater system.

The laboratory coater is not just a “laboratory machine”, but a full coating system, in which process conditions comparable to those of Lödige production coaters are generated.

The mobile laboratory coater incl. the drum for the tablets and drawer for the nozzle arm and tool form the base unit. In addition, the following equally mobile modules are available:

  • Air supply unit
  • Exhaust air unit
  • Liquid supply station (optional)

Laboratory coater system:

  • Two additional nozzles for a maximised spray rate

Air units:

  • Comfort Equipment: Control of air supply volume via FC, control of drum pressure via FC in the exhaust air

Liquid supply station:

  • Mobile unit, contains: Magnetic agitator, mass flow sensor, hose pump, hose squeeze valve for circulation of the suspension

Explosion protection:

  • Machine line design for use of organic solvents (acetone, isopropanol, ethanol)


  • Portable panel with WinCC, FDA-CFR-21 part-11 conformity due to Siemens software “Log On”


Coater system (Laboratory machine)

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