The Lödige mixing granulator

  • Mixing granulator for pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and food
  • GMP-compliant design
  • Modular WIP system for the machine and all additional components 
  • Automatic liquid addition in different versions
  • New pharmaceutical controls
  • Temperature control jacket for heating/cooling
  • Integrated sieve on machine outlet
  • Vacuum feeder
  • Customised ATEX concepts

Machine type

The high-shear mixer is a system for mixing, granulation and sieving of pharmaceutical powders and granulated products. Moreover, it is suitable for a wide range of cosmetics and food products. A three-bladed mixing tool rotates in a vertical, cylindrical mixing vessel close to the wall and to the bottom of the vessel. The shape and peripheral speed of the mixing tool create a vortex-like circulation of the mix. This product movement ensures very short mixing times in conjunction with excellent mixing quality and permits build-up of granulated products. A separately driven chopper is used for breaking up any agglomerated products as well as for moistening and granulation. Liquid addition is either gravimetric or uses a pump to add liquid directly to the effective range of the chopper, so that the best possible distribution is ensured. The optional wet sieve on the discharge ensures a completely homogeneous distribution of the granulate size.

For sizes, please refer to the machine flyer.

The PC/PLC-based control system is equipped with a SCADA system WinCC and designed to be compliant with CFR-21 Part 11. The updated user interface permits intuitive machine operation in service and automatic mode for production and cleaning operation. All process parameters, trend curves and messages are displayed in a clear overview. Batches are documented in hard and soft copies. If a warning or alarm is triggered, the entire screen changes to a signal colour to immediately get the operator’s attention.

  • Jacket for heating and cooling
  • Feeding via a vacuum
  • Raisable mixing tool
  • Pressure shock resistance up to 12 bar
  • Electrical control system according to GAMP5 requirements
  • Connection to fluid bed processor

Application fields

Pharmaceutical industry (granulation of tablet recipes), Spice industry (mixing in of extracts), Cosmetics industry (production of facial powders)

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Mixing granulator

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