Welcome to your testing environment:

the Lödige test centre

As our customers, you develop products which are not just based on new recipes and components, but also require new processes. Before making an investment, you need to be certain that it is actually feasible to produce your new product in an economic fashion at the required scale and quality. We can give you that certainty: either by providing a wide range of references of identical or similar applications or by performing trials with the exact raw materials that you use.

These trials should be conducted with an equipment and a process management identical to those of your production lines. Our test centre can provide you with the best possible support in this regard. We maintain machines for small batches and provide reliable scale-up to a production scale.

    Our test centre is suitable for trials in the following fields of application:

    • Chemical
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Foodstuff
    • Minerals
    • Environment


    The following process steps can be performed individually or in combination:

    • Mixing
    • Drying
    • Reaction
    • Coating
    • Granulation
    • Emulsion

    You also have the possibility to hire a Lödige machine and run trials on site: we have machines in different sizes and equipment at your disposal to test all mixing properties. Please contact our Sales Department for more information about our machine service.


    For reliable process and machine planning, trials based on machines capable of being scaled up may be required, depending on the application.

    Based on the data resulting from these trials and our years of experience, we can then develop and design production systems. Recording of the test data permits subsequent thorough analysis of the process and supports this procedure.
    Statements on both the achievable product qualities and the production output parameters can be made.

    We would be glad to manufacture sample products for you. If you require several batches, e.g. for your product launch, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    In addition to developing processes for new products, we would be glad to help you optimise ongoing production processes. We offer consultation services for this purpose, which we can, of course, provide on site at your premises.

    A separate Laboratory section with extensive modern equipment is available for the treatment of samples.

    The following devices are available for your trials:

    • Ploughshare® mixers operating in batch mode under normal pressure
    • Continuous, high-speed ringlayer mixers
    • Shovel dryers for atmospheric operation and vacuum application
    • Machines for positive pressure operation
    • Machines for use at high temperatures
    • Vertical mixing granulators
    • Fluid bed processors
    • Coaters

    We are there for you!