Lödige's Reactor DRUVATHERM® (Laboratory machine)

  • DRUVATHERM® reactor at laboratory scale
  • Rapid uniting of reacting agents
  • Prevention of local overconcentrations
  • No temperature gradients within the reaction field
  • Improved conversion of reacting agents, leading to higher yield with greater purity of the final product
  • Multi-phase proceess (reaction, heating, drying, granulation, cooling)

Maschine type

Lödige DRUVATHERM® reactors are batch, high-speed reactors. Rotating mixing elements adapted to the specific process, installed in a cylindrical drum equipped with a temperature control jacket, create a three-dimensional product movement. The resulting contact frequency of the reacting agents with each other leads to a more effective conversion with a higher yield.

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The high-speed mixing elements ensure high contact frequency of the reacting agents with each other and intense contact of the reacting agents with the heated or cooled vessel wall. This makes reactions in homogeneous and heterogeneous phases possible in practically all combinations (solid/liquid/gaseous). The production consistency can be anywhere along the spectrum of liquid to pasty to lumpy to pourable. High-speed rotating choppers installed on the side of the machine drum perform additional mixing work to distribute the reacting agents.

  • Variable speed due to hydrostatic drive unit or frequency control
  • Materials in contact with the product available as C-steel, all common austenitic steels, duplex steels, titanium, various nickel-based material
  • Pressure ranges up to 50 bar
  • Temperature ranges up to 650 °C
  • Shaft sealing by means of double-acting mechanical seals
  • Delivery with peripheral machine line components up to system solution
  • Drum sizes of 5, 10 and 20 l available

Application fields

  • Cellulose derivatives (CMC, HPMC, HEMC, MC)
  • Starch, guar and tamarind derivatives
  • (Special) chemicals
  • Pharmaceutical intermediate products
  • Plastics
  • Recycling

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Reactor DRUVATHERM® (Laboratory machine)

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